About Us

A bit about who we are and why we're here.

Why Choose Us?

We've partnered with some of the best in the advertising industry to provide superior quality at an affordable rate. In addition to this, we also bring efficiency to the table by offering a vast multitude of services all under one roof. A "one stop shop", if you will. Our goal is to provide you or your business with a dedicated resource for your advertising, marketing and merchandising needs. In doing so, we limit the amount of time and effort spent searching for suppliers to cover each aspect. Instead, we manage each relationship, deadline and expectation, granting you more time to focus on your business. Choose us as your supplier and gain the confidence in knowing that your marketing materials are handled efficiently and effectively.

Our Experience

We operate with the support of industry experts holding over 25+ years of experience. Seasoned creators ranging in fields from Print, Graphics Design, Web Design, UX/UI Design, Social Media Marketing and more. Another reason why we are confident in our ability to meet any of your custom project needs.

Proudly Canadian

We currently operate out of Oakville, Ontario (Canada) and specifically utilize proven local Canadian vendors and suppliers. This enables us to provide quicker, more cost effective shipping/freight in addition to avoiding cost increases associated with exchange rates/market status.

Active Partner & Reseller

Materials and/or products displayed on our page are all products and success stories gathered from our supportive contacts and suppliers. We do not take credit for the production of these efforts and are utilize these images as reference material only, specifically to support our resale relationships with our vendors and/or suppliers.

Contact Us

JNS Creative
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Tel: (416) 997-0245
E-Mail: info@jnscreative.com